Who Run The World?

Happy International Women’s Day. I wanted to take today to celebrate the women fueled by coffee, wine, chocolate, sense of purpose, compassion, love, community or inclusion. It’s a la carte ladies, pick how ever many you want!

I am so damn proud of the women in my life. Dodging the hurdles, rising after setbacks, feeling the feels, keeping it all afloat, asking for HELP, building another woman up beside her, and realizing that “We don’t have to do it all alone. We were never meant to.” [Queen Brene Brown]

When reporters tell Meghan Markle that she really inspires women to find their voices. She said she isn’t helping women find their voices. They already have their voices. She’s empowering women to USE their voices. Wow. Woah. Chills.

Stronger together, always.

I am honored to walk beside them.
We are stronger together.

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