Thank You, 2020.

This year brought a LOT into my life. A lot of digging deeper and then exploring each of those new depths when I felt I was ready to do so. I leaned into my natural strengths and got more specific on where I want to be and what I want to do in this life. I gave myself and others so much grace, because we all needed it this year. Even though it felt vulnerable, I journaled and wrote and asked for things that I want. I started a website and blog and photography business and expanded the products in my Etsy shop. And holy crap, that is all so exciting and terrifying.

To these beautiful faces. The ones who got in front of my camera in 2020 and allowed me to explore a brand new journey! The ones who pushed me and believed in me and gave me a way to flex my creative muscle and stay busy and curious in a weird year. Thank you to all of you. I always knew I enjoyed photography but it was always scary and big and “impossible” in my own head. I fought my own doubts HARD this year and just kept going, even when it was uncomfortable and freakin’ scary. Picking a favorite photo from each session was DIFFICULT. There were so many great moments, smiles and emotions captured. But I love seeing this compilation all together in one place so I can look back on 2020 with a big smile and remember each one of you in a special way!

I feel so many emotions about this year, but mostly, I am grateful for new relationships, community, growth, authenticity, vulnerability, virtual connection and so. many. lessons. I am going to take a moment to feel proud of myself for allowing balance into my life. Pushing through to the next idea, project or chapter, on some days, and knowing when I needed to let myself rest, feel, dig and just focus on what I could that day.

I know this was an insanely tough year for a lot of people. Gut-wrenching. Painful. Terrible. Filled with loss. Or maybe, just maybe, you had the best year of your whole life! That’s wonderful too. And you deserve that. And it should be celebrated! Regardless of how the year unfolded for you, I hope there were some silver linings that you will hold onto and take with you into 2021. Some of the silver linings I’m taking with me are listed below.

Happy New Year and thank you for the lessons, 2020.

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