Linda + Lee: A lovely anniversary!

We have a wedding anniversary to celebrate on the blog! And I feel so honored to have gotten to hang out with two of the sweetest models tonight!! Linda + Lee have welcomed us in with open arms to the Quad Cities. We are so lucky to know these two and be blessed by them in our lives!

We explored a local park which is perfect for their love of exploration, especially in the outdoors! These two are always on the go and we love to talk about traveling and camping with them!!

I think they would have stayed this way all night. I almost crept slowly away.
So peaceful by the creek!
I got total Central Park vibes on this little path lined with benches!! How sweet!

When I asked them what their marriage advice is after 49 years of wedded bliss. Lee said “don’t go to bed angry” and Linda said “Ehh…we’ve done that before.” 🙂 What she went on to say is that she thinks it’s most important to remember that you are in it for the long haul. One little bump in the road or argument, those pass and fade, and you often forget what you were even arguing about. Stay committed to each other throughout all the twists and turns of life and always stay by the other’s side! I was honored to capture photos to celebrate Linda + Lee’s 49th wedding anniversary. They are the kindest souls who we could all learn a lot from! Thank you both for a fun evening and the lovely advice!

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