Journey to Creativity, Community & Connection

Well hello there! Let’s take a little trip back in time. One year ago. As newlyweds, we were preparing to move to a brand new state. Now, it truly wasn’t some far away land but it was new in so many ways. Moving to Iowa meant leaving behind everything that was so familiar to me in Wisconsin. I moved to Madison, WI for college in 2010 and had been there ever since. June 2019 we moved to the Quad Cities area, to a quaint town just outside the hustle called “Le Claire”. My new home is truly a short couple hours from where I grew up in Wisconsin but this transition still held so much “new” for me.

I was lucky enough to connect with a friend of a friend, who lived in the area, early on when we were getting settled in. We chatted over coffee about all.the.things like we had known each other already. Erin told me more about this creative and supportive “Camp Climb” community with an upcoming camp weekend that I had heard about in the area. I had been following them on social media here and there. My initial thought and response “That’s not for me, that’s for other legit people, I just like to be creative at random not like… officially” [I literally said something of this sort this out loud]. She told me amazing things about the empowering community vibe and it was hard to ignore how cool and nurturing it sounded.

As old friends do, or new friends who feel like old friends, we talked about how it’s so easy to feel like you don’t deserve the GOOD STUFF in life. Why is this such a natural thing for me?  [and I’m sure others too]. I just happened to look beyond my new friend’s face and a sign caught my eye behind the coffee shop counter. “You deserve it!” Now, I’m sure they were referencing “coffee + scone to go” or the iced white mocha that I was sipping on that hot summer day BUT I was stopped in my tracks. We both shared a dropped jaw moment. One of THOSE moments that hits you to your core. Someone knew I needed to hear that on that very day and something inside me knew this nudge was for a bigger purpose. I was craving real life, in-person connection with empowering and encouraging women. This was the “it” I was searching for.  Now the “it” from “you deserve IT” is hard to summarize entirely. But I took it as… I deserve whatever IT is that I truly want in life. Thus began a journey.

I am so happy I said yes to myself on that day, when I could have very easily ignored this nudge. We all gathered at Camp Climb in August 2019, a force to be reckoned with. I have never been in the presence of so many uplifting and genuinely kind people before in my entire life. They instantly felt like my people. It was an emotional and amazing weekend filled to the brim with nature, connection, nuggets of information, but most importantly, I learned that what I want is already in my heart and what I need to fulfill these desires is already within me. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a journey as I grow and evolve. I don’t have all the answers yet [many days it feels like I just have more questions than anything!] I’m multi-passionate and I like to dabble in my creative endeavors. But saying “yes” to myself and lowering my guard was huge. This community means so much to me and I cannot wait to see more of my layers peeled back over time.

The reason that this blog and website exists is because of Camp Climb. I was the winner of a Thanksgiving giveaway that showed they believed in my heart and creative pursuits. [New friend from coffee shop story above, Erin, saw the announcement on social media before I did and sent a freak out congratulatory text!] When I started processing the news. Instant panic. Sweaty forehead and wrists. Heart was racing. ME?! No. Again, I am not worthy of this!? I fell back on my bed with my eyes closed. Breathe! It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine. Someone believes in me? Shoot. Now I have to actually face my fears of putting myself out there ‘officially’?! All the thoughts and feelings were rushing through my brain. The feelings eventually subsided into feeling simply grateful. That’s the best place for me to be. And that’s what I’ve come to learn since then from some very intelligent people. If I’m grateful and loving, I can’t be fearful at the same time.

And now in a COVID-19 world, it’s better to keep that in mind than ever before. While this was truly a pre-COVID-19 birth, it’s still been an awesome creative outlet to continue to grow during this pandemic time. It was important to me throughout the process to create meaning in what I would name this creative pursuit. Something fun, colorful, and meaningful to me. I love spreading simple joys and happiness to others and generally keeping the positive vibes flowing [PEACH-y]. But I also love keepin’ it real, meeting people where they are at and sharing the honest, zesty, vulnerable truths of life [LEMON-y]. When it came together in my head, it just clicked and felt right.

Also, surprise, I love to talk. I’ll end it here for now. I am so excited you are here. Do I know everything that will be shared and created from this endeavor? Heck to the NO. But I’m excited to keep saying “yes” to myself and things that give me all the feel goods of life. I promise to show up here sharing the simple peachy joys and the real zest and truths of life. 

  1. Erin says:

    W O W ! Your story is truly magical. This was so fun to read and I felt like I could hear you talking in your bubbly, animated way as I read. Thank you for sharing how saying YES to yourself led you here – such an inspiration. ❤️

    • Courtney Fitzpatrick says:

      Thank you SO much Erin. Your support and the sunshine you add to my life mean the world to me!!

  2. Connie says:

    I l❤️ The name Courtney. Lol I have told others you are such a “peach” . I think your new blog fits you. I am excited to see where this goes. Congratulations! I believe it will be wonderful.

    • Courtney Fitzpatrick says:

      Thank you so much, Connie. I really appreciate it and am so thankful for your support and love!

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